The paxRhino Key Injection Service is a cost-effective, fast and highly secure alternative to traditional Local Key Injection (LKI) which physically takes place in a certified secure room.

Online Remote Key Injection (RKI) allows merchants serviced by acquiring banks & payment service providers to automatically, quickly and securely perform key injection directly at the point-of-sale.

PCI P2PE Approved; PCI PIN Approved


Remote Key Loading

Remote key injection from bind KIS with a set of security solutions.

Key Supported : DUKPT、MK/SK

Terminal Supported : PayDroid、Prolin、Monitor

Convenient Support Service

Operation manuals and tools downloading supported by PPN.

Emergency Response

Emergency service hotline (under maintenance) and professional emergency service team.

Online Management Portal

paxRhino Portal:

The paxRhino Portal provides a user-friendly interface, supporting key and terminal management, real-time connection monitoring and statement downloading.


With some functions of paxRhino Portal integrated to PAXSTORE, the PAXSTORE supports multi-terminal operations and key configuration, as well as pushing tasks to the terminal.


PAX CA Certificate
Self-operating CA Digital Certificate Authentication System enjoys controllable risk and higher cost-efficiency.
Network Unimpeded
The multi-outgoing network supports 200+ terminals connected to RKI at one time.
The uninterrupted power system (UPS) guarantees RKI server high-efficient operation during a short power outage.
Various APIs and abundant configuration items enable RKI integrate with third party systems easily.
Providing customized RKI services, including but not limited to adding key templates and providing APIs, etc.

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