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Transportation Topup Solution

Waiting in long queues at a metro service counter during rush hours can be overwhelming at the best of times. Metro stations in Iran's capital city, Tehran, implemented a novel solution by using the PX7 unattended self-service terminal to guarantee transaction security and enable faster customer throughput.

The project was completed by Tosan Soha, Iran's leading public transportation payment solutions provider, in partnership with Tosan Techno, the country's premier payments system integrator and a major regional channel partner for PAX Technology.



• Queue reductions inside Metro service centers.

• Provide an efficient, fast and secure topup method for Tehran's commuters.


The elegant and robust PX7 terminals were installed as self-service workstations throughout Tehran's underground stations, allowing commuters to quickly topup their Metro cards and instantly check account balances.

The user completes the topup on the PX7 in 3 simple steps:

1. Select from one of two screen options, either "Quick Top-Up" or "Check Balance".

2. "Quick Top-Up" leads the user to select a topup amount of either 20, 50 or 100 Rials, after which the user is prompted to insert their payment card and PIN number. A quick wave of the card on the PX7's contactless landing pad completes the transaction.

3. When the user selects "Check Balance", they are prompted to wave their card on the bottom left hand side of the PX7 and the customer's account balance appears on the screen.

In some of Tehran's metro stations the PX7 was installed as a stand-alone unit, while in others a peripheral printer box was connected to it.


The PX7 presents commuters with a large high-resolution colour display, enabling people to conduct transactions extremely quickly and move on, thus speeding up human traffic through the metro system.

 About Tosan Soha
Tosan Soha, a subsidiary of Tosan Group, is a leading public transportation payment solution provider, offering convenient Ezpay services for metro and bus systems in Iran. In 2015, Tosan Soha has won a ten-year tender for Tehran's Ezpay program.

About Tosan Techno
Founded in 2011, TOSAN Techno is the leader and the largest suppliers of banking and payment solutions for Iranian banks and payment companies. TOSAN Techno has installed more than 1.5 million POS, over 2000 ATM, about 200 VTM and more than 500 ATM Recycler.

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